Health and Safety


The employee as active participant in determination and achievement of the company’s objectives and interested in company development is permanently to the attention of the management considering the social relationships are the most important within the present transformations.

The social policy of our company relies on the following principles:

The management of the social responsibility of the employees

Increase of the employees health and safety significance related to the production performance

Keeping the employer - labour union relationship through a mutual consideration, co-operation and observance of the Labour Contract stipulations

Inside the company, the Employers and the Labour Unions periodically negotiate the Labour Contract governing the Employers-Union relationship from the moment of its signing.

Our companies activity is developed on the basis of the Labour Contract establishing the clauses related to working conditions, remuneration, rights and obligations resulted from the working relations and aims the promotion of an equitable working relationships able to guarantee the employees social protection, working conflicts prevention or limitation and strike release avoidance. Now, there is a professional co-operation between the employers and  the unions of TMK-ARTROM and TMK-RESITA therefore the interests both of the company and the employees are taken into account at Labour Contracts signing.

The leadership of the company is permanently preoccupied in employees living need, potential practical application, their achievements recognition and consideration, social standing and professional promotion. The organizational culture of the company aims to make the employees feel they belong to an organization with well stated values and norms.

In the company, matters relative to the labour safety and health are approached as elements not as separated activities of a production processes ensemble. The labour health criterion is as much important as the economical criterion, conjugated not subordinated to it. Therefore, there is preoccupation in updating the risk on the workers health and observing the regulations in force related to their health care. The prophylactic medical services providing the workers health care are as follows: the new employed, accommodation, periodical, work resumption medical testing, health promotional activities on-the-job.

TMK-ARTROM si TMK-RESITA are involved in the  implementation and certification of OHSAS Management System, according to OHSAS 18001:2007.

Implementing this standard, TMK-ARTROM and TMK-RESITA will comply with the legislation elaborated according to the European Regulations, agreements and recommendations of the Labour International Organization and making reference to the labour conditions improvement, working accidents and occupational diseases prevention. 

It is aimed to improve the activity related to the labour health and safety based on a coherent policy evaluating the risks and the legal requirements related to this aspect.

The statute, capacity, knowledge and achievements of the employee are very well known and appreciated within our company. There is a healthy climate demonstrating a favorable competition between employees so the appreciation and self-improvement needs are increased. The company gives its employees the professional development opportunity by yearly proper training programmes facilitating in this way their participation to improvement and vocational training.

Through these vocational training programmes we aim at the development of the employee competence, promotion of their professionalism providing the efficacy of the professional practices also facilitating the mobility between different activity areas.

We mean a multi-trained personnel inside the company such as we can be able to optimize the use of the manpower. The vocational training is an element of the Quality and Environment Management Integrated System governing the activity of the company certified according to ISO 14001.

The evaluation of the personnel professional performance, the appreciation of the employees activity constitute the company job ranking method  which is sustained by all levels of the company management. The evaluation of the personnel assists the management in planning the topics of the training programmes allowing its efficient intervention when different areas of activity are poorly trained. 

The descending communication inside the company provides the transparency required by a suitable contribution of the employees in achieving the objectives of the company.